Emery began blowing glass as a high school student at RISD's continuing education program and immediately fell in love! He continued his education at Massachusets College of Art and Design from 2006-2010 where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture, concentrating in glass. Emery went on to teach at the well-known Diablo Glass School in Roxbury, MA and began to assist other area glass artists such as Aaron Leaman, Neal Drobnis and Dave Weintraub. He began to explore and  teach flameworking at Fiamma Glass in Newton, MA. He later completed a two-year residency at Worcester Center for Crafts where he met and began working as a studio/glass-blowing assistant for Jacqueline Knight. Emery is the gaffer for Stephanie Chubbik who won the prestigious 2015 Niche award. He enjoys teaching at Snow Farm, the New England Craft Program summer teen camp, where he is the flameworking department head. In addition to teaching and working with other glass artists. Emery continues to hone his mastery of glass by attending advanced courses through out the USA.


Artist Statement

My art is abstract. It is focused on shape, color and balance.  I combine these elements to capture a moment in time. 


Through my work I have taken a journey, beginning with direct reference to human figures, stylized into a combination of organic and geometric form. From that place I continued to explore the human form and considered gesture by adding elements with which my figures could interact. I simplified further by eliminating the heads and eventually the limbs as well. I have pushed further still, and now play with basic geometric shapes to explore the quality of gesture that can be achieved with he least amount of literal figurative references. 


Color plays a large part in my work. I use bright colors with small contrasting highlights to play with the perceived proportion, weight and expression of my sculptures. This color scheme, along with the simple, clean lines of the shapes, also references pop art and graphic imagery.


 Through my work,  I hope to illustrate the possibility of humor in art. I wish to express the importance of the ability to laugh and smile. The color and shape, as well as the balance reflect these emotions and expressions. It is my hope that the viewer can find lightness in the gesture of the sculpture