Soft Glass

Soft glass flame working was my first experience in glass working. My aunt, Beth Wenger (bumblebee studios) started me with my first experience making beads when was around ten years old. Years later after having attended Mass Art and working at furnace blown glass for a number of years I was re-introduce to the flame working process. Quickly I fell in love with the dynamic abilities of a torch and took a trip back to visit my aunt and hone my skills. There I produced some of the very first Funny Faces. Through the years I have worked through many obstacles in order to produce the work you see now. Problem solving through heat management, weighting issues, and the challenge of striking and alabaster colors I was finally able to produce a product Iā€™m proud of! 

These "Jetson Beads" were created both as an exercise in heat control as well as shaping technique. They were inspired by the Jetson as well as 1950s space imagery. Although the exploration into a space theme was a divergence from my normal body of work the contrasting colors and shapes tie back to my sculptural forms. This can also be seen in the tension of the organic and geometric contrast.

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