This piece was an exploration in the contrast of light and dark as well as texture and shape. I used the interaction of hot glass to capture a moment of pressure and the reaction of a bubble to the contrasting black cones. The contrast between the sharp clean lines of the cones and the round supple nature of the bubble is further exaggerated by the difference in texture and color.

Abstract 2.jpg

This work was and experiment in assembling shapes hot. The contrast of the sharp lines of the cone and round supple nature of the base is accentuated by the slight variation in color. This difference also adds visual weight to the bottom of the piece, which in turn removes visual weight from the cone. This contrast accentuates the delicate connection between the two.

Abstract 3 is an exploration not only of interaction and contrast but also of balance and gesture. The blue bubble in the middle reacts to the cones on either side which are delicately balanced. As the viewer travels around the piece the weight seems to shift creating the illusion of the piece tipping. This moment of balance is locked in time along with the diversity of color and texture which adds another level of contrast in the work. This piece references the balance 

I am constantly playing with new shapes and forms. With new ideas of balance and interaction. These pieces were made out of the final bits of a day of production glass blowing both as an exercise in form and design.