I create vessels that tie into my sculptural work through color and form. This collection of bright cylinders uses bright, bold colors to make them stand out. This beautiful, glowing color is accentuated through the addition of a colorful and contrasting accent, the lip-wrap. These vases create a bold statement in a cluster or standing alone.

These are a selection of cups that are made at the furnace. I combine traditional simple motifs with a variety of popart colors. This carries through some of the aspects that i use to create contrast in my sculptural pieces while allowing me to hone my craft in creating functional objects.

This furnace worked bowl is part of a matching pair. The footed wavy bowl has a black frit interior and lip wrap which is contrasted by a white exterior and vise versa on the matching piece. The outside of the bowl has a "crackle" effect to add texture and pattern to the outside. Both bowls sit on a clear swedish foot to lift them off the surface on which they sit physically and visually.